New Strategy of a Successful Russia (Sulakshin’s program “True Socialism”)

New Strategy of a Successful Russia (Sulakshin’s program “True Socialism”)

Based on a 20-year span of scientifi c research, expert studies and design performed by hundreds of professionals in various areas of knowledge, Sulakshin’s program aims to examine the condition and development of Russia under the political regime of liberalism-Putinism. It has been positively established that this model of the country and its constitution of 1993 ensure the degradation and historical collapse of Russia and spell terrible disaster for the Russian nation. Th e political regime of Putinism is eff ectively precipitating it. Th e country’s grim outlook must be changed.

For this purpose, we are bringing forward a political Program designed to replace the constitution of the country, change its political system, image and model, improve the living conditions of most of the population and the overall viability of Russia. We have developed a full set of key state-building projects: a new Constitution, new doctrines, laws, concepts and mechanisms. Th e Program is intended to ensure that its supporters — the majority of the nation — acquire the plenitude of power in a peaceful and lawful manner and the country’s condition is subsequently rehabilitated. It is aimed at a peaceful and lawful revolution as a transformation of Russia! Th e Program puts forward the relevant political formula for a peaceful and lawful acquisition of power and a transitional period.

Russia can become a moral-based, labor-oriented, popularly governed state, a state of justice, a state consistent with its cultural and civilizational Russian identity, a true socialist state acting for the benefi t of all and everyone! All people who support Sulakshin’s Program may join the community of its supporters to take part in the implementation thereof for the benefi t of Russia and the Russian nation.

New Strategy of a Successful Russia (Sulakshin’s program «True Socialism») / Draft ed by S. S. Sulakshin — Moscow: Science and Politics, 2019. — 56 pages.

ISBN 978-5-519-65929-1

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